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10 Heads In A Row

The aim of this coin flipper is to continuously flip the coin until it flips 10 Heads in a row. The probability of flipping this sequence is 1 in 1024

Your sequence has now been successfully flipped!

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To use this flipper just enter your required sequence structure in the Change Sequence text box above. The sequence structure should use the letters 'h' and 't' to represent 'heads' and 'tails' respectively - you can use either upper or lowercase letters or a mixture of both if that's your thing. For example, if you want to use the sequence (heads, tails, heads, tails, heads) then change the sequence structure in the text box to (hthth).

Once you have done that click the Start the Flipper button to run the simulator. The coin will then flip continously until your sequence target has been flipped.

Remember you don't have to set the sequence to 10 heads in a row. That is just the default setting. You can set any combination of heads or tails up to 20 coins long!

Once you flip the coin these instruction will be hidden, and replaced by full flip statistics.

About this flipper

This coin flipper works by continually flipping a fair coin until your coin sequence is met. Not only can you set the sequence to 10 heads, its default setting, but you can also set the simulator to run until it has flipped any heads or tails combination up to 20 coins in length!


You can add sound to this coin flipper, but by default the sound is turned off. To turn on the sound click here or use the sound settings link below.

About the Coin

The coin used on this coin flipper is a fair toss coin so it has a 50% chance of landing on heads and a 50% chance of landing on tails. To make the heads and tails side of the coin more visually distinctive the head side of the coin is gold and the tails side is silver.

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