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Flip A Coin

Flip a coin with a Frosty button

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This is very easy to use coin flipper. Simply click the Flip the Coin button and the animated coin will rotate and land on either its heads or tails side.

The button will be Frozen once it has been clicked, and will remain frozen while the coin is spinning, this is to get a clean flip and to prevent any unwanted double clicks influencing the results. Once the coin has landed the button will be unfrozen ready for your next flip.

Once you flip the coin these instruction will be hidden, and replaced by full flip statistics.


You can add sound to this coin flipper, but by default the sound is turned off. To turn on the sound click here or use the sound settings link below.

About the Coin

The coin used on this coin flipper is a fair toss coin so it has a 50% chance of landing on heads and a 50% chance of landing on tails. To make the heads and tails side of the coin more visually distinctive the head side of the coin is gold and the tails side is silver.

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