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Online Flip A Coin With Statistics

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Flip Statistics

You have currently flipped the coin 0 times. You have flipped a total number of 0 heads, and 0 tails. In percentage terms that means you have flipped 0.00% heads compared to 0.00% tails.

Your longest consecutive sequence of heads is 0, and your longest consecutive sequence of tails is 0. Your current sequence is 0 .

Flip Sequence

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About Our Coin Flippers

Welcome to Siliconflip. Siliconflip has 3 different coin flippers for you to choose from - each one comes will full statistics, and each coin flippers offers you something different.

About this "Simple" Coin Flipper

On this page, the home page, we have included our "simple" coin flipper. Our "simple" coin flipper is a very easy to use. Simply click on the button and the animated coin will rotate and land on either its heads or tails side. Once you have clicked the "flip the Coin" button this notice will be removed and replaced with full statistics and your flip history.

If you enjoy this flipper check out our other two flippers flip x times and flip until...