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A Heads And Tails Coin Flip Simulator

About the Coin Flip Simulator

Heads or tails? Which side will land more in a best of 3 coin flips? How about in a best of an eye watering 101? Try this coin flip simulator and watch the results update as the coin lands.

However, if you're not up to all that flipping just yet then you can also use this coin flip simulator to perform single coin flips. To flip the coin a single time simply click on the Single Flip button. The coin will then be flipped and as soon as it lands its result (whether it landed heads or tails) will be shown. Once the coin has landed you can flip another coin using the Single Flip button, and its result will be added to previous single flip results.

To do the best of 3 coin flips simply click on the Best of 3 Flips button and the coin will automatically begin flipping. There is nothing more you have to do, but sit back and watch the coin land and the results change. Once either heads or tails has reached the 2 needed for victory the coin will automatically stop flipping and the winner will be declared.

This coin flip simulator is not just limited to the best of 3 flips. You can also use this simulator to do a best of 5, a best of 7, a best of 9, a best of 11, and a rather eye popping best of 101 coin flips! Just click on the appropriate button and watch the action.

It is worth mentioning that each time you start a new Best of ... event the previous coin flip results are reset before the new flipping begins - this makes each Best of ... event a self contained event in itself.

What is "Best of ..."

If you haven't heard of this term before then it simply means that the coin side that wins is the one that first wins 50% + 1 of the available flips. For example, if you do a Best of 101 then that means there are a maximum of 101 coin flips available. Therefore, the coin side that eventually wins is the one that first reaches 51. If that coin side is Heads then Heads wins and the coin stops flipping as Tails would no longer be able to win even if it won the rest of the available flips.

It is quite possible that in the Best of 101 coin flips the coin can be flipped a maximum of 101 times or as few as 51 times. A score of (Heads: 51 Tails:50) or (Heads:51 Tails:0) would both be winning results for heads.

Frosty Button

All the coin flip buttons are frozen when the coin is spinning and will remain frozen until the coin has landed. The coin flip buttons are frozen to stop any double clicking which could influence the results. Once the coin has landed the coin flip buttons will be unfrozen ready for your next coin flip.

The coin used on this coin flipper is a fair toss coin so it has a 50% chance of landing on heads and a 50% chance of landing on tails. To make the heads and tails side of the coin more visually distinctive the head side of the coin is gold and the tails side is silver.

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